Hire Smoke Machines to Elevate Your Event

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Hire Smoke Machines

Haze Machine Hire is an essential tool for any event, from creating a mystical atmosphere at weddings to enhancing stage performances at parties and amping up lighting effects at entertainment venues. With flexible rental options and simple setup, smoke machines are an affordable way to elevate any event.

When choosing a smoke machine, it’s important to consider the size of your venue and desired effects. Thick plumes of smoke are ideal for dramatic entrances, low-lying fog is perfect for a mystical ambiance and haze machines create a fine mist that enhances lighting and visuals. Once you’ve determined the appropriate size and type of smoke machine for your venue, consider essential accessories like fluid or ice pellets, remote controls and power cables to ensure smooth operation throughout your event.

From Parties to Performances: Enhancing Your Event with Smoke Machine Hire

Most smoke machines use a water-based fluid that’s mainly made of pharmaceutical grade glycol and water, though there may be other harmless chemicals added to the mix. Other options include dry ice machines that can be used to produce thick, low-lying fog or liquid nitrogen that produces even more dense smoke. Finally, there are oil based smoke machines that are capable of producing much thicker smoke than their water-based counterparts and hazers that use a water-based solution to create a fine mist that’s better suited for highlighting lighting than for conventional smoke effects.

Regardless of the type of smoke machine you choose, most are very easy to set up and operate. They usually come with user-friendly instructions and most can be operated using a remote control. One thing to keep in mind when using a smoke machine is that the hot fog can burn skin and eyes if touched directly, so it’s recommended to keep the device away from people for safety purposes.

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