Psilocybin and Microdosing in Canada

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As a result, psilocybin microdosing in Canada is gaining popularity among those seeking to improve their mental health by microdosing. “The idea that you can get the benefits of psychedelics, without having to go on an actual trip, is really appealing,” says one psychiatrist. “I think it’s a very promising approach.”

But while the anecdotal evidence is encouraging, scientific research into microdosing has been limited. A few studies have found that people who microdose report improvements in mood, mental health symptoms and psychomotor ability compared to peers who don’t. However, a lack of a placebo control has raised concerns about the accuracy and generalizability of those findings.

The Rise of Microdosing in Canada: A New Perspective

In the upcoming study, Rootman and her team will survey an extant community of microdosers to establish the baseline qualitative taxonomy of microdosing effects. The goal is to help future researchers identify high-potential microdosing intervention targets by leveraging participant reports of their experiences. For example, the most commonly reported benefit was improved mood, followed by increased focus and creativity. However, the most common challenge was physiological discomfort and restlessness – suggesting that determining the correct dosage is key for minimizing those experiences.

Despite being illegal in Canada, people who microdose have found ways to obtain and administer psilocybin. Some have found it through friends, and some have had success requesting psilocybin through Health Canada’s Special Access Program under the guidance of their physician. Others have opted for more direct methods such as buying psilocybin online or purchasing it at local dispensaries.

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