What Is a Radon Test?

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what is a radon test

If you are unsure about radon levels in your home, you should hire a professional radon tester to help you. Radon levels are highly unpredictable, but there are a few things to keep in mind before the test. The size of the structure and type of building you live in will determine the type of what is a radon test you need. A residence, for example, is much different from a school or commercial building, and the testing protocol used for each type of building is different as well. Additionally, some states require compliance with the state certification board and local health department before the test can be performed. Another thing to keep in mind when conducting a radon test is to make sure there is no dampness in the area where the test will be conducted.

Choosing a Radon Reduction System

The purpose of a radon test is to determine whether an occupant’s exposure to radon is high enough to warrant remedial action. Tests should be conducted in areas of the home where occupants spend at least four hours per day. These areas include bathrooms and other areas that do not see as much activity. Also, you should not test radon levels in closets or cupboards, as these rooms tend to be low-use. Additionally, it’s not recommended to conduct the test in a basement or in a sump hole, since these areas have high concentrations of radon.

When selecting a radon measurement laboratory, make sure you select an accredited company. Accreditation confirms that the laboratory meets international standards of quality. In addition, the laboratory must maintain its cleanliness, employ competent employees, and use accredited detection devices. You should also check the accreditations of the labs in the laboratory, which can be obtained through SWEDAC or DNV. It is also helpful to hire a laboratory that performs duplicate tests, as this will help you to compare the accuracy of the measurements.

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