Use a Valid Number Checker to Ensure Your Users Are Providing Genuine Phone Numbers

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Phone numbers are a critical piece of user data used in the course of many online interactions. This is why it is important to use a valid number checker to ensure your users are providing legitimate phone numbers and that they are active in your database. Whether it is during registration or customer service, validated numbers will make your operations more efficient and effective.

There are several ways to check the validity of a phone number including through various methods for verification, such as database checks against a database of personal information or pinging the line directly with the carrier to check its status and location. IPQS offers a robust phone validation tool that can perform a deep ping with the telecommunications carrier to verify the status of the line and its connection. This is a more accurate method for checking phone number authenticity. The results of this check can also provide valuable reputation data points such as a risk score, carrier name, line type (VOIP, landline, cellular), and if the number is a disposable phone number.

Verifying Authenticity: Valid Number Checker

Our bulk phone validation processing is available to validate large lists of numbers with a single API call. This service enables you to easily identify the line type, network carrier, region and more, so that your SMS and voice call campaigns are delivered only to active users with genuine contact information. This will help reduce bogus entries and spam, and it will save you time and money from dealing with the issues caused by inaccurate or unfunctional data.

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