Philips Respironics Simply Go Mini Price

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simply go mini price

Philips Respironics Simply Go Mini Price

As the smallest portable oxygen concentrator within the Respironics line, Simply Go Mini offers patients a portable device that is easy to transport, use and take with you anywhere. It is lightweight (5 pounds, including the standard battery) and delivers a high oxygen concentration in settings ranging from 87% to 96%, which are very effective for most on-the-go users.

The Go simply go mini price has a smooth, modern design and comes with an easy-to-read top-facing screen and an optional backpack-style carrying case. It also features a convenient external battery that can be easily replaced and removed from the machine, making it simple to switch out as needed.

Is the Philips Simply Go Mini Worth the Price? A Comprehensive Review

With a simple touch of the screen, patients can navigate to a variety of menu options and reports including alarm settings, operating mode settings, brightness, and more. It also displays a variety of symbols to indicate the current status of the unit, such as low battery or charging, and to alert patients when the unit is in an alarm state.

The Simply Go Mini has a bright LCD touch display that can be used to navigate through different menus and functions. It also features a number of intuitive symbols to help patients easily understand the device’s function and capabilities. It is also equipped with an internal filter for bacteria that helps prolong the life of the device. It is important to regularly clean the filter to ensure a longer lifespan.

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