Passover Programs – How to Choose the Right Passover Program for Your Family

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Passover programs

There are so many Passover Vacations out there and it can be overwhelming when choosing the right one for your family. Fortunately, there are several key criteria you can use to narrow down your options. These include where you want to go, what you are looking for in the program and whether you have any medical needs that you need to consider.


Some people prefer to travel close to home or branch out a bit. There are a wide variety of Passover programs available in the United States and throughout the world.

The Best Passover Recipes for Your Seder Dinner

Some Passover programs offer all of the components that you need for a full holiday experience. These include kosher meals, minyanim and shiurim, religious activities such as a Daf Yomi Shiur, and even an evening chol hamoed with a known performer (or two).

The Classic Model

Some of the more popular Passover programs offer all of the elements of a traditional Passover vacation. These are usually more affordable and will provide a kosher meal each day, minyanim and shiurim, daily activities, and entertainment.

The Children’s Program

Many Passover programs have a special children’s program that is specially designed for younger guests. These programs can be very fun and engaging. They may also be able to meet the specific needs of older guests, such as those with special diets or who have allergies.