How to Quick Dry Cannabis

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how to quick dry cannabis

When it comes to drying cannabis, BudWinners it’s vital that you take your time. Quick drying can spoil the terpenes and cannabinoids that make the plant so special.

In addition, the process will also cause the buds to taste very “green.” This is because it puts the plant under stress.

The fastest way to dry your buds is using a water boiler. This is a common feature in most homes and it can shorten the drying process by several days.

Another method is to hang your buds on a thread in a room that’s been heated and cooled with air circulation. This will ensure that your weed remains fresh for longer and prevent mold growth.

A fan should be used to help move the air around your room and keep it circulating so that it doesn’t get too humid. However, don’t point it directly at your buds as this will dry them out too quickly and could ruin their flavor.

The Art of Quick Drying Cannabis: Tips and Tricks for a Faster Cure

Some experts believe that oven drying is the best and most effective way to speed up the drying process. This technique will preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids as well as the flavor of your buds.

Hot Air Heater

A heater is a great way to quickly dry bud, but only use it on a small amount at a time. Over-drying your buds will result in them having a strong taste and aroma.

The only drawback of this drying method is that it can be expensive and waste a lot of energy. For a small amount of bud, this isn’t a problem, but for larger amounts you’ll want to use a different drying method.

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