How to Get More Power and Fuel Efficiency Out of Your Diesel Engine

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Diesel engines Willys Workshop are hard working machines that are used in heavy machinery and large trucks. But there are times when diesel owners want to get a little more power or fuel efficiency out of their engines. Luckily, many diesel performance upgrades are available for these trucks.

The Art of Diesel Tuning: Boosting Performance Safely and Effectively

The surge in diesel performance started with rural areas having an extreme amount of used pickups from farms, service vehicles and state municipalities. Young enthusiasts rushed to buy these trucks and started adding the simple bolt-on modifications such as air intake, exhaust, turbo, injectors and tuning boxes. This increased the horsepower and torque but also caused internal engine components to break. The result was that they had to rebuild their engines which opened the door for many diesel performance shops. They now build a stronger diesel engine that can handle the high horsepower and torque with internal components made specifically for the application like pistons, rods, camshafts, dampers, gaskets, heads and rings.

Co-op Premium Diesel is TOP TIER, which means it has a higher cetane number and better lubricity than standard competitors and detergents that help to keep fuel injectors clean for optimal performance. In fact, our Premium Diesel has been proven to restore deposit-related power loss in both commercial1 and farm equipment2 testing.

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