Hilton Honors Employee Discount

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Whether you are an employee of the Hilton or a Hilton fan, you can use your Honors account to save money on your stay. The program is free to use and offers a variety of benefits. You can get discounted rates at all Hilton properties. The program also includes a rewards program where you can earn additional rate discounts when you book with your honors account.

How do I set up my Hilton employee discount?

You can find a list of hilton honors employee discount hotels with employees in the table below. In addition, you can find information about the hotel’s brand, location, and amenities.

Hilton employees have access to special employee discounts through the “Go Hilton” Team Member travel program. The program provides industry leading benefits and supports team members’ professional needs. Those who qualify can receive a 50% discount on their hotel room.

There are also other great benefits that are included in the “Go Hilton” team member travel program. For example, your family can enjoy a half off night with breakfast. Those who are eligible for the program can log on to the site using their Hilton Honors credentials to make their reservation. You can then book a room for two people, for a maximum of seven nights.

In order to take advantage of the program, you must be a Hilton employee with a Lobby User ID. You must also have an active Hilton Honors account. You can register with your Hilton Honors number, or you can link your existing Hilton Honors account to your Friends account.

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