Custom Spray on Liner

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Custom spray-on linercan provide a tough textured protective coating that reduces cargo movement, noise and vibration and can be applied to a wide range of surface applications. It is resistant to chemicals and has superior abrasion, impact and corrosion protection. It is low VOC and can be used on vehicles, metal fabrications, industrial equipment, trailers, rims, tool boxes and other components. It is also water and UV resistant.

“Bullet Liner: Unparalleled Protection for Your Vehicle

While carpet, rubber, or 2x4s can protect your truck bed, they don’t last as long as a professional spray-in liner. They can also cost more in the long run, since you’ll spend more on repairing scrapes and dents than if you had a spray-in liner installed. Spray-in liners are made of a durable, rubbery substance that’s sprayed into your entire truck bed. They create a solid, airtight seal to keep your cargo from shifting and slipping.

A quality spray-in liner can protect your truck from damage and increase its resale value. People are willing to pay more for pickups with nice-looking beds, so you can recoup the cost of a spray-in liner in no time. Plus, a spray-on liner will keep your truck looking new for its next owner, as well.

We use a brand of liner called Bullet, which is one of the latest formulations to hit the market. It is one of the most competitively priced liners on the market and provides a great look and excellent protection for your truck bed. However, it is important to note that any color-matched liner will fade over time – and will likely fade much faster than your factory paint.

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