Consumer unit installation, repair or replacement

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consumer unit installation

When it comes to electrical safety, consumer unit installation, repair or replacement is one of the most important home improvements you can make. If your unit is not up to scratch, you should consider having it replaced. Not only does this increase safety, but it will also ensure your fuse board functions properly. Upkeepone is one of the few London electrical services that specializes in consumer unit installation. Get in touch with a London electrician to find out how Upkeepone can help you.

Consumer Unit Installation

Consumer unit installation is not something you should try to do yourself, and it is best left to professionals. Although it may seem tempting to save money by buying a cheaper unit, they might not last very long, and they may not fit the space provided. If you’re not sure which type to purchase, contact an electrician for guidance. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to install your new unit correctly the first time. A professional electrician will also provide you with a full installation certificate and a Part P notification.

Before the new unit is installed, you should disconnect the circuit breakers. Make sure that the unit is firmly in place, and then unscrew the front panel and screw it to the wall. Next, push the main wires into their appropriate outlets. You should also re-connect any circuit breakers if they are working. If not, you should replace them with new ones. Once you’ve completed the installation, you should secure the front panel of the new unit.

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