Column Guards For Pallet Racking

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If you’ve ever seen a disturbing video of warehouse pallet racking collapsing after taking an impact from a forklift, then you know why it is important to protect your investment with column guards. You can also minimize damage by reinforcing uprights, using end of aisle rack protectors and increasing forklift training. However, if your warehouse has many moving parts and equipment, it is not possible to avoid every collision.

How long does it take to install a pallet rack?

Adding a steel column guard to your warehouse is a cost effective way to reduce the number of collisions with other equipment. These heavy gauge steel pallet racking column protectors are bolted to the base of an upright frame and come in several different heights to protect varying levels of your warehouse racking. They are a great option to add to high traffic areas where your forklifts often hit columns. URL :

There are many styles of column guards pallet racking to choose from, including plastic and metal. Some are designed to simply strap or snap onto a pallet rack upright, while others have a padded center that helps reduce the impact of a collision. Some even have a bullnose design built into the guard for an added measure of protection.

Shelving Direct carries a variety of pallet racking column protectors, including floor mounted styles that are bolted to the ground or directly to the frame. They are available in a number of color options and are 16″ tall to prevent damage to the bottom portion of pallet rack upright frames where most forklift impact occurs. We also offer a raised column protector style that fits over the pallet rack base plate without consuming valuable floor space like a full guard rail would.

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