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                                                                May 7, 2013                                                

By Rick Scarborough

David Manuel R.I.P.

The Light and the Glory "forever changed my ministry."

Another giant of the Christian faith has passed to his reward.

Sir David Burton Manuel, Jr., whose writing inspired millions to strengthen their faith and to understand America’s Christian heritage, died on April 25 at age 76.

More than 20 years ago, someone alerted me to the book, The Light and the Glory. It forever changed my ministry, as I began preaching and teaching about America's distinctly Christian origins.  Later, I purchased and read From Sea to Shining Sea, which further deepened my love for our great country as well as the two men who made this information so readily available.  Of course, I'm speaking of Peter Marshall and David Manuel, both of whom became close personal friends.

I was with David just three weeks ago, in St. Louis, where he and his wife, Shelli came so that David could underscore the importance of leaders praying for our country, which about 30 of us were doing at the time.  David was very frail and appeared to be in great physical distress, but his commitment to Christ and his beloved America compelled him to be there. 

It grieved my heart when I received the news that he was gone. But I rejoice in knowing he is now with the Father and that his legacy shall ever be that he loved his Savior and his country until the end.

A prolific best-selling author, David co-authored with Peter Marshall (who died in September 2010) the 1980 classic The Light and the Glory, which was revised and expanded in 2009. David wrote or co-wrote more than 20 books including From Sea to Shining Sea (also with Peter Marshall), Like a Mighty River, The Jesus Factor, the Faith Abby Mystery Series, Once Upon a Prayer and The Last Great Awakening.

Before moving to his final residence in Tulsa, Oklahoma, David spent more than 30 years writing in a lighthouse office in Cape Cod, Mass. He often taught writing workshops to encourage fledgling authors. A gifted speaker, he was frequently featured on Salem Radio in Boston and the Resurrect America Radio Show, spoke at conferences and was a summer instructor at Gordon Conwell College at the Publishers/Writer’s Ockenga Institute.

David was a lieutenant in the Navy and flew 2,600 flight hours on patrols. He obtained his knighthood when he was inducted into the oldest European order of Constantine. He was ordained in 2012 in HIM Ministries at "A Glorious Church" in Tulsa.   A graduate of the Screen Writing academy of Ted Baehr's MOVIEGUIDEŽ in Hollywood, he was working on his last project, about George Washington.

He is survived by his dear wife Dr. Shelli J. B. Manuel, and his daughter Blair M. Tingley; four granddaughters and a sister, Comelia Anne M. Ford, and a brother, William S. Manuel III.
A funeral was held in Victory Christian Center in Tulsa last Saturday, May 4, with all military honors. He will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Another Memorial Service is being held for David later this month in Plymouth, Mass. at the New Testament Church, and there will be a memorial reception for him in Washington D.C., at the National Press Club on May 30.

Flowers are welcome or donations to Harvest Projects International Inc. (501C3 tax deductible). A paypal donation link is available at www.resurrectamerica.com. Shelli may be reached at shellijm@aol.com.

America has lost a powerful voice for faith and freedom, but David's writings will continue to inspire people to help restore our self-governing nation under God.

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