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Rick Scarborough

Why Sen. Portman's Stance Is an Attack on Freedom
March 21, 2013
Tea Party Unity Newsletter - 5th Ed.
By Rick Scarborough

Normally, this newsletter addresses fiscal and constitutional issues, and we'll do that consistently. But given the gravity, I'd like to say a few words about Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman's startling announcement that he is now backing same-sex "marriage" in the law because his son is homosexual.

Our hearts go out to parents like Rob Portman who are dealing with a son or daughter or other loved one who are caught up in an "identity" that embraces sin. But it's one thing to have compassion and loyalty toward a loved one, and another to try to use public policy to impose a wrongful model on the whole nation. Public policy is about the force of law, so I urge civil libertarians in the Tea Party to consider why redefining marriage will lead to less freedom and more government power.

Far from being tolerant, the Left's drive for "gay rights" poses the greatest threat in America to the freedoms of religion, speech and assembly. When you take traditional, biblical morality and liken it to racism and other forms of bigotry, you advance an agenda by which laws are used against people with traditional values. The entire civil rights apparatus, with numerous statutes and bureaucratic power, becomes a hammer to force citizens to choose between God and Caesar. That should never happen in a free, God-blessed country like America. Our rights are derived from our Creator, and the Creator was quite clear about what constitutes morality and marriage.

The drive to legalize same-sex unions is the linchpin of an effort that will eventually result in the criminalization of Christianity and traditional Judaism. As we have seen in Massachusetts, same-sex "marriage" leads directly to compulsory propaganda in public schools for schoolchildren to celebrate and embrace homosexual behavior. It leads to people losing jobs, and to penalties against anyone who dissents. Catholic Charities, the largest Massachusetts provider of foster homes for orphans, was forced to close rather than give up its commitment to placing children in married, mother-father homes. This is tyranny masquerading as enlightenment.

Cases are piling up across the nation of people who are being targeted for legal abuse simply for not promoting acceptance of homosexuality, from counselors who are denied certification, to wedding photographers and other business people who decline to abet what their faith tells them is sin, to college officials who merely sign a petition to place marriage on a state ballot. This is serious repression, and yet all we hear is that conservatives, the Republican Party and the Tea Parties must surrender to this increasingly aggressive movement.

For more detailed critiques of Sen. Portman's mistake, I recommend Joseph Farah's article at WorldNetDaily.com, Laurie Higgins' article at the Illinois Family Institute, and Linda Harvey's article on WorldNetDaily.com.

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